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Nathan Rawson, Sex attacker

Sex attacker caught on camera by his schoolgirl victim: Brave teenager, 15, ‘fought for her life’ to escape knife prowler then turned to take photo on her phone that put him behind bars for nearly 14 years

  • Nathan Rawson, 25, forced his victim into a bush at knife-point while in Leeds
  • Schoolgirl, 15, feared Rawson would murder her as she ‘fought for her life’ that day, but used her wits to take a picture of his face that would send him down
  • He was jailed at Leeds Crown Court after admitting a string of earlier crimes
  • Rawson had previously been convicted for a similar offence after he sexually assaulted and stalked a woman through the streets in February 2016
  • A knife-wielding sex attacker has been jailed after his brave schoolgirl victim fought him off then took the picture that sent him down for nearly 14 years at court.

    The courageous 15-year-old fought off Nathan Rawson, 25, after he forced her into bushes at knife-point as she walked across fields in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

    The teen suffered a serious cut to her hand during the struggle but had the presence of mind to use her mobile to take pictures of her attacker, which led to him being brought to justice.

  • The youngster said she feared Rawson was about to ‘murder her’ as she recalled how she fought for her life that day at court.

    Rawson was jailed for more than 13 years after pleading guilty to a string of earlier offences, including kidnapping, unlawful wounding and two counts of burglary.

    Leeds Crown Court heard Rawson targeted the girl as she walked across fields near to Torre Close, Burmantofts, on February 15, 2019.

    The victim was listening to music on her headphones when he walked up to her and grabbed her by the waist. He then showed the girl a knife and ordered her to go with him.

    Rawson forced her to go into bushes with him then pushed her shoulders downwards.

    Fearing she was going to be killed, the girl grabbed hold of the knife when she saw the handle of the blade sticking out of his clothing.

    There was a struggle and the teenager cut her hand on the weapon but managed to take it from him and ran.

    She took out her mobile phone to call police as she fled but Rawson chased after her demanding she return the knife.

    But the quick-thinking teenager used her phone to take pictures of Rawson, who was later identified after investigating officers used these same images

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