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On Addresses 75th UNGA session Indian misadventure to lead to open-ended war


On Addresses 75th UNGA session Indian misadventure to lead to open-ended war



The Prime Minister Imran Khan Friday warned India against carrying out any accident, saying it will be met by a nation that is ready to fight till the end for its freedom” as he addressed the 75th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) session via video link.

While the Nazis’ hate was directed at the Jews, the RSS directs it at the Muslims, and to a lesser degree, the Christians, he said, adding that the radical ideologists believe that India is wholly for Hindus and others are not equal citizens.

The secularism of Gandhi and Nehru has been replaced by the dream of creating a Hindu Rashtra, by conquer, even cleansing India’s 200 million Muslims and other minorities.

Imran spoke about the RSS’s effort to destroy the Babri Masjid and the massacre of 2,000 Muslims in the Gujarat riots. And this was the Gujarat massacre under the watch of chief minister Modi.

The leader beam about India’s unfair policies for Muslims during the pandemic, saying that the government blamed the minority group for spreading the coronavirus and they were denied medical treatment on many occasions.

He said Last February, Muslims faced target killings with police involvement in Delhi. Referring to it as something that was “unprecedented in history”, PM Imran said that the Hindutva ideology sought to persecute 300 million Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs.

Then PM  Imran spoke also about India’s August 5 attempt to annex occupied Kashmir, adding that this was against the commitments India had made to the people of Kashmir and the world.

He said About 13,000 Kashmiri youth were imprisoned and thousands tortured.

He said Indian occupation forces have used brute force including pellet guns against peaceful protesters.

The Kashmiri media and those brave to raise their voices are being steadily harassed through draconian laws, he said, drawing the world’s attention to the Indian forces brutal act of killing hundreds of Kashmiris in fake encounters and not even handing their bodies back to their relatives. He called on the world community to indict the Indian civil and military personnel for their crimes against humanity.

The PM Imran said that India was attempting to destroy the distinct Kashmiri identity by altering the area’s demography, to escape the plebiscite in line with the UN resolutions.

This action is in contravention of the UN Charter, Security Council resolutions and international law, particularly 4th Geneva Convention,” he said. Changing the demographic structure of an occupied region is a war crime.”

The prime minister praised the people of Kashmir, saying that “generation after generation of Kashmiris have laid down their lives to liberate themselves of Indian occupation. The government of Pakistan is dedicated to standing by its Kashmiri brothers and sisters in their legitimate struggle for self-determination.

The PM Imran warned that India was playing “a dangerous game” by upping the armed ante against Pakistan to divert the world’s attention in a nuclearised environment.

PM Imran Khan said that if the fascist RSS-led Indian government decides to commit any misadventure against Pakistan, it will be met by a nation that is ready to fight till the end for its freedom.

PM Imran argues that durable peace in South Asia will not be possible till the issue of occupied Kashmir is not resolved on the basis of international authority, confirming the world’s concern that Kashmir was a nuclear flashpoint.


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